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We are active in:
  Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
  Imports & Distribution
  Exports & Merchant Trading
  QC, Inspection, Buying Support & Supplier Assessment
  IT Services, Web & Software Development
Electronics, Information Technology, Wearables, IT Services, Web & Cloud Hosting, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Housewares, Textiles, Furnishings & Fabric, Fashion Garments & Sportswear, Fashion Jewellery, Gifts, Novelties, Packaging, Printing, Machinery, Solar & Renewable Energy
Local expertise in:
India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal ...
Since 1996, we integrate, design & develop:
  Web Sites, Web & Mobile Applications
  e-Commerce, m-Commerce & On-line Payments Integration
  Network, Enterprise, e-Governance & ICT Applications
  System Integration & Facility Management Services
  Specialized Hardware Sourcing & Procurement
  On-Site Client (Software Management & Maintenance) Services
   Web & Cloud Hosting & Server Management Services
For nearly 2 decades, we are active in Information Technology Services, Web & Cloud Hosting, System Integration, On-Site Client Services, Hardware Sourcing & Procurement, e-Governance, ICT, Network & Enterprise Applications, etc.
We have clients in: India, Nepal, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, USA, Europe ...

Sourcing Services

  Various Products
  Global-Worldwide Sources
  Strict Quality Checks
  Closely Monitor Production Stages
  Compliance to Delivery Schedules
  Door-to-Door Delivery
We source a wide range of products from global sources, helping you to procure the best matched products of the desired quality at a competitive price delivered to your door in accordance with your schedules.
Identify Bottlenecks & Wastages   Improved Deliverables
Identify 'New' Supply Sources   Efficient & Cost-effective Supply Chain  
Efficient Supply Chain   Improved Bottom-Line & Pleased Customers

Imports & Distribution

  Various Products
  Worldwide Sources
  Focus on Quality and Niche' Markets
  Proactive & Ahead of the Market
  Multi-Distribution Channels
  Supply to Chain Stores
  Focus on E-tailing
  Development of In-House Brands
Our imports and manufactures are pushed out to e-tailers, chain-stores, distributors and stockists, while we maintain our focus and emphasis on efficient supply chain management, quality & niche markets.
Proactive & Continuous Sourcing   Identify 'New' Products   
Identify 'New' Supply Sources   Focus on Quality & Niche
Efficient Supply Chain Management   First to Market

Exports & Merchant Trading

  Buying Agency
  Merchant Trading
  Indian-Nepalese Handicrafts
  Closely Monitor Production Stages
  Rigorously Monitor Quality
  Compliance with Delivery Schedules
We mainly export Pashmina Shawls & Cashmere Sweaters to US, Europe, Japan, etc. As buying agents we identify quality and credible suppliers to deliver your products in a timely manner.
Proactive & Continuous Scouting   Identify 'New' Products
Identify 'New' Supply Sources   Focus on Quality & Niche
Efficient Supply Chain Management   Plug Leakages & Wastages  

QC, Inspections & Buyer Support

  Factory Audits & Remediation
  Strict Quality Checks
  Pre- & Post- Production Inspections
  Closely Monitor Production Stages
  Pre-Shipment Inspections
  Logistics Support-Coordination
We assist with Quality Control, Inspections & various support functions to the principal buyer including Pre-, Post- and During- Production QC, Audits & Remediation expertise. We will also help in coordinating on-the-ground logistics.
Factory Audits & QC   Avoid Wastages & Delays
Remediation Support   Strict Statutory Compliances
Monitor Production at all stages   Focus of Quality & Delivery  

IT Services, Web & Software Development

  IT Services, Web & Software Development since 1996
  Web Site & Application Development
  E-Commerce & E-Governance Projects
  Mobile & m-Commerce Applications
  Enterprise & Network Applications
  Graphic Design & Corporate Identity
  Specialized Hardware & Facility Management
We provide IT Services, Web & Software Development actively since 1996 and delivered many web, mobile & enterprise projects in the private & public sector as well as e-Governance & ICT initiatives.
Graphic Design & Print Media   Corporate Identity Kits
Web & Software Application Development   Wide ranging experience
e-Commerce & Mobile Applications   e-Governance Initiatives  

Our Product Range

  Electronics, ICT & Wearable Devices
  Medical Devices, Health & Personal Care
  Textiles, Fabric & Fashion Wear
  Fashion & Costume Jewellery
  Housewares, Novelties, Kitchen & Home Appliances
  Building Materials, Machinery & Industrial Intermediates
  Lighting, Solar, Renewable Energy & Environmental Products
  Stock & Inventory Goods & Discount Deals
We pro-actively source new as well as better existing products & suppliers through various fairs such as CES, Computex, etc. & personal 1:1 meetings and factory evaluation visits.
Identify New Products & Suppliers   Product Introduction & Launch
Identify better Supply Sources   Efficient & Cost-effective Supply Chain  
Gauge Market Trends   Take informed decisions

Licensing Agency

  Identification of prospective licensee
  Walk-through, Negotiation & Deal Closure
  Execution of Agreement & Contract
  Design Approvals, Prototype Development & Production
  Marketing & Promotional Events
  Support to licensees, Royalty reports & payment collection
Internal expansion and growth in India has made it an exciting place where major global brands & retailers aim at expanding operations. Please let us know your interest, we can scout desirable opportunities specific to the task and objectives.
Licensing   'Quick' Shelf Space for your products
Client or Brand   Identify Potential Licensee
Agency Services   Full gamut of services  

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