Aug 29, 2018

Instagram opens its account verification process to everyone

Written by Avantgarde
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Instagram today announced new security and authenticity measures, the biggest of which is a handy application for users to request verification within the app. The difference is that now, anyone can ask for verification, as opposed to just hoping their influence will catch the company’s eye.

It’s surprisingly easy. Just go to your settings, and look for the new tab titled “Request Verification.” Then you have but to enter your handle, name, and a photo of your ID (though a business document such as a tax filing will suffice), and you’re off to the races.

Granted, the ease of asking isn’t analogous to ease of verification. As the application informs you, it’s not a guarantee you’ll get the blue check mark — those are still reserved for accounts who need to prove they’re “the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity.” But if you do reach a large audience and the company hasn’t verified your identity already, it’s a much easier and legitimate way of getting to that mark than burning some sage and hoping for the best.

The other major tools Instagram announced were support for third-party authenticators, which will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and new “About” pages, which give a run down of basic account details, including how long it’s been active and what country it’s located in.

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