Sep 20, 2016

Batman to become the new content for View-Master VR viewer

Written by Avantgarde
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‘Mattel’, an American multinational toy manufacturing company along with ‘Otoy’, a Los Angeles based cloud rendering company have collaborated with ‘Warner Bros.’, an American entertainment company to launch new content based on episodes of ‘Batman: The Animated series’ that is produced by Warner Bros. Animation to the View-master Virtual Reality Viewer.

It will be the first Warner Bros character to find it's way to the virtual reality platform.

The new content is expected to be available in the market by fall 2016 giving fans a new and immersive experience of the classic Batman animated series.

A preview of this content was exhibited at the Comic-Con 2016, San Diego giving fans a first-hand experience of what is to come thereby creating interest and enthusiasm among them.



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