Sep 22, 2017

What do we think about brands?

Written by Avantgarde
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In one sense, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise. Think of some top brands and you immediately know what they promise: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Apple.

You know what you’re going to get with a well-branded product or service.

In another sense, a brand is a combination of logo, words, type font, design, colors, personality, price, service, etc.

It’s also a bundle of attributes. Think of Honda, for instance, and your first thoughts are going to be something like “well built, comfortable, Stylish” and, most of all, “safety.”

For McDonalds, your thoughts might be all about their fries and yummy Ice cream or sundae.

For Apple, stylish and classy. Sturdiness and impeccable design. But also thoughts about it being high end and pricey.

The promise, look, personality and attributes can make what is called the “me” appeal. Buying a certain brand says something about the person who buys it.

All of this can lead to sub-brands, like iPhone and iPad which acquire the attributes of the parent brand.

It takes a lot of time, money and very hard work to build and maintain great brands like the ones we remember or have heard a lot about, brands that can speak volumes in just a name’s worth of syllables.

If you’re going to develop your brand, your brand has to plant itself in the hearts and minds of prospective customers.

It also has to be memorable. Your brand is the focus of all your marketing efforts. It needs to say something about your company, connect with your target market, be motivating in some way and always create loyalty.

That is why it is very important to establish and master the WHO, WHERE, HOW and FOR WHOM of marketing a brand before becoming a player in the brand market.

Sometimes a brand maybe memorable because of the little things. Like their employees, the ones who represent and become the face of the brand, to the feel of the products, softness of them which might give a home like warmth to make people reminisce the old good memories and to then think and associate the brand with a homelier feeling.

In conclusion, when you think about your brand, think about all the elements: promise, personality, look, voice, service, attributes, memorability. These are the things that can make or break a brand in the consumer’s mind.

Not all brands mean something to us but the ones that do, they make loyal relationships that last for a lifetime or for generations sometimes.

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