Sep 14, 2017

IoT - Internet of Things

Written by Avantgarde
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In the world of people and places and food and brands, a major feat comes from the concept of Internet of Things. Like many people who first google the term IoT and its complicated definition wonder what its all about and how can it help us, the concept is actually pretty simple to begin with.

Internet of Things is a term made up of two words, Internet which is any broadband connection and things which can be anything from your phone to your watch or your house. Yes thats right, even your house can be covered under this interesting concept.

Now IoT is a network ofanything that can be connected to an internet and used to pass data back and forth, it can also mean when devices are being used to control other devices from the use of internet.

For example:

If i want a home that is all cool and set for when I return from work, I can simply install a few sensors and set up an internet which can givesignals to the air conditioner to switch on as soon as its time toleave office so by the time Ipull up to the driveway and enter into my beautiful home, its at the required temperature. I know it sounds quite simple but the installation will definitely require a proper and trained professional.

But nevertheless, the concept of it is what makes ourimagination feel alive again. The heights at which technology is soaring currently and where it will reach amazes me.

The dependence on technology is definitely a worrysome concern but the level of comfort that it promises to provide will for sure will attract people towards it.

IoT has applications across all industries and markets. It includesuser groups from those who want to reduce energy use in their home to large organizations who want to improve the management oftheir operations. It isnot just useful, but alsocritical in many industries as technology reaches greater heightsand we move towards the advanced automation in almost every field known to man.

Engineering, Industry, and Infrastructure

Applications of IoT in these areas include improving production, marketing, service delivery, and safety. IoT provides a strong means of monitoring various processes and transparency creates greater visibility for improvement opportunities.The deep level of control offered by IoT allowsmore action on those opportunities, which include events like obvious customer needs, nonconforming product, malfunctions in equipment, problems in the distribution network, and more.

For Example:

A manufacturing unit that has 100 machines producing tv screens for 30’’ sets but after a new demand in the market for 32’’ tv screens the company can now just send a signal via internetto all the machines to change their dimensions of the screen from 30’’ to 32’’ easily without manual interference which could havelead to errors and a lot of useful time being wasted.

Household appliances

IoT can also be applied to household appliances like washing machines. The concept believes in teaching the devices which run on intelligence technology to notice the patterns and analyse them over time. How interesting would it be if your washing machine could make note of the quality of clothes being washed, what is being washed more frequently than others and how much detergent is needed for which type of material. This would simplify a lot of processes which in a working professional’s life are tedious and time consuming.

Government and Safety

IoT applied to government and safety allows forimproved law enforcement, defense, city planning, and economic management.

For example, IoT can help city planners have a clearer view of the impact of their design, and governments have a better idea of the local economy. Authorities can study patterns of crime and other disturbances over time and be more vigilant in areas that are of concern.

Health and Medicine

IoT helps us movetowards our imagined future of medicine which flauntsa highly integrated network of sophisticated medical devices. Today, IoT can dramatically enhance medical research, devices, care, and emergency care. The networkingof all elements providesmore accuracy, more attention to detail, faster reactions to events, and dailyimprovement while reducing the typical overhead cost of medical research and organizations.

For Example

A nurse in an emergency room recievesacall for a man wounded in an accident which involves an altercation. The system recognizesthe patient and pulls his records. On the scene, the paramedic’s equipment capturesinformation which gets automatically sent to the hospital. The system analyzes the new data and current records to rproduce a solution. The status of the patient is updated every second in the system during his transport from the place of accident to the hospital. The system prompts the hospital staffto approve system actions for medicines and medical equipment preparation.

Internet of Things is a concept widely used in the present scenario but also one which has vast areas of improvement and widespread development over the years to come and we are all excited for machines and devices which would understandand care for us better than our fellow human beings.

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