Oct 17, 2016

Mask House

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Mask House is a brand of Catil Beauty International Ltd (CATIL), a leading beauty enterprise based in Hong Kong that along with their world-renowned skincare manufacturer, GENIC has expanded its distribution market rapidly.

CATIL Beauty is a subsidiary of Catil Int’l Ent’l Ltd which was founded in 2006. It has cooperated with world renowned manufactures in Korea and Japan to promote innovation and maintain consistency and quality in manufacturing of products.GENIC, the global manufacturing partner of Mask House, is a world-renowned skincare manufacturer. It is a South Korean listed company and is known for its advanced research team and strict quality control.

Through continuous R&D and technology, Genic has received several world-class technology awards and also has been rewarded by the South Korean government.Through continuous innovation and use of highly developed technology, it has developed more than 100 kinds of masks, serums, health jelly, slimming capsules and detox products so far and has its online as well as offline presence throughout Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, America and other countries and regions.

They are also in the process of expanding their presence in UAE, India, Ukraine and Russia.

It has obtained variety of internationally recognized quality certificates including ISO9001 quality authorization, ISO14001 environment supervision, Korean Food and Drug Administration certificates and also has patents registered in 5 countries - namely, Korea, Russia, Japan, America and China.

Mask House has a variety of specialized products to satisfy different skin types and has huge scope in emerging markets like Russia. The beauty market all over the world is growing at a steady pace and so is the demand for specialized skincare products. This demand is a result of rising beauty concerns by not only women but also men.

Mask house products are suitable for both men and women skin types and provide different benefits ranging from skin moisturization, improving collagen levels, Deep cleansing, skin hydration, deep whitening, anti- black spot, intense repair to Anti-wrinkle treatments.

It is a widely used and highly recommended brand in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, America and other countries and regions.

In Hong Kong, it sells in some of the major retail chains like Manning’s (exclusive to full range over 350 shops), City’Super, Log-On, Citi store, 759 Kawaiiland. In Korea, it also enjoys presence in some of the top beauty salons.

In Malaysia, Sasa is a top retailer of Mask House products whereas in Taiwan, Cosmed retails full range of its products.

Mask House also has its own branded store in England.

Mask house products have presence in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada and T&T Supermarket are one of their exclusive retailers.

In America, Mask House products enjoy presence in New York, Chicago, Texas, Florida, Washington and Georgia with 7-eleven and 99 Ranch Market as its top retailers.

Their promotional activities are generally focused around Advertisements & media coverage, TVC, Celebrity trials, Online promotion, PR Events, Awards, In-store promotions, Search Engine Optimization but they keep introducing new and trending ways of promoting their products.

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